Custom household product labels

Household Labels

The label for household products such as detergents, cleaners, pesticides and plant food must be emotionally appealing at shelf level to make it into the shopping cart and your customers' homes.

But once at home, your products will go through heavy use and excessive handling. In many cases, the label will come in contact with the package contents, which may contain corrosive elements.

With so much valuable information on the label like instructions for use, cautions and first aid directions, and disposal guidelines, it's critically important that custom package labels are able to stand up to the environment that they will be used in.


Ingenious Packaging is a leading printer for commercial labels for packaging. We understand that your custom package labels must be both aesthetically pleasing and highly tolerant. We also recognize that label printing costs are an important consideration.

We can help your product be an on-shelf standout with many decorative options and printing techniques including:

Flexo • Litho • Silkscreen • Digital • Inkjet

Our array of special finishes, such as stamping and chemical-resistant lamination, will add visual interest as well as label protection.

A continued investment in advanced technology enables us to produce a full range of custom package labels cost-effectively while still meeting the demanding turnaround schedules of your industry.

Our press technology is leading edge providing faster, more efficient workflow through our plants. We operate on the same platform in all Ingenious Packaging plants, which enables us to switch jobs from one press to another or between facilities in order to meet even the most strained timeline.

Our team will work with yours to establish "Just in Time" delivery protocols to assist in minimizing cycle time and inventory levels.

For more information on our printing capabilities for custom household product labels, contact us.